Dichter en muzikant

Laurens van der Zee Stadsdichter Wageningen
Writing lyrics, poems, creating music. Could there be a relationship between beautiful music, beautiful words, and beautiful things?

I am a musician in various bands and also perform solo. We play background music, swing, folk music, and a variety of genres on multiple instruments.

I am open to meeting other cars and their drivers, and, of course, I am a member of various clubs.

An installation is the combination of a work and its surroundings. Often, it consists of various materials in which the environment is part of the message: it is the whole that matters.

Introducing Myself

Laurens van der Zee. Poezie Tekst Muzikant Projecten

I live and work in the Netherlands (everything about The Netherlands: www.ainp.nl) and I write in my native language – Dutch. I’ve made this English-language version for visitors who don’t speak or read Dutch but still may be interested in my work.

In 2012, 2013 and 2014 I am the official city-poet of Wageningen. 

I do have other activities besides playing music and writing poetry. For instance, I’m an old-time vehicle enthusiast and fulfil a number of social functions, including that of free-lance public information officer on UNESCO.

Contact info@laurensvanderzee.nl